Set up a tour at Profile Event Center and review our comprehensive brochure!

Like us on Facebook and Instagram! We will be posting all sorts of updates, ideas and information on our Facebook page. It is the best way to keep up on what is going on at PEC and also a great spot to chat with other brides! We would love for you to post pictures, ideas, and comments! Please keep in touch after your reception!

Sign a contract and pay the $750 deposit. Congrats on booking!

Your second $750 deposit is due. Just mail a check or give us a call with a credit card number.

6 months

Let us know if you would like to schedule our in-house DJ. As you get closer to your reception, we will choose DJ for you and have him or her contact you. You may complete our in-house DJ form found on the DJ Portal below before your DJ contacts you. Just click on “Planning Form” to get started!

While you are doing your own planning, use our online resources to get ideas on table placements, decorations, and music! Set up a detail meeting, and we will send you a helpful questionnaire. These answers are not final but will help us in planning your day! Go over the questionnaire before the meeting since we will be asking you questions from it. That way we can get some details down in your file and answer any questions you may have for us! It is also very helpful in planning the timeline for your event!

4-9 months

Set up a private tasting if you are unsure of your menu! These can be set up Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. You may have six people total at the tasting and you will also be able to see decoration ideas in our showroom.

4-6 months

Approximately two weeks to one month before your event, your DJ will be contacting you to go over reception details.

2-4 weeks

Sixteen days prior to your event (earlier is even better!) the final details, final count, and final payments are due. We will finalize all of the specifics during the final meeting. Anything you can send over in advance will be helpful! That way we can start working on your invoice and room diagram prior to the meeting.

16 days

Congratulations! Enjoy married life and please provide us feedback by answering an emailed survey and/or writing a review online.