Casablanca Hall

The Casablanca Hall, the more traditional and larger of our two halls, seats up to 400 guests.  The hall boasts a beautiful exclusive outdoor patio overflowing with flowers, a separate cocktail lounge with closed circuit television linked to the main hall, a second bar located in the hall, perimeter chiffon draping backlit with intelligent lighting for customized reception colors, elegant ceiling coves with recessed golden light, private bridal suites, marbled hallways with recessed intelligent lighting, hardwood dance floor, gorgeous high tech dance lighting (including fog machine, laser lights, disco ball, and computerized robotic lights), 10,000 watt sound system, professional performance stage, five digital video projectors, digital video cameras projecting the head table or dance floor, and original modern artwork.

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Monday - Thursday Minimum ($2,000)

Month         Friday                 Saturday               Sunday*

                  All Inclusive        All Inclusive       All Inclusive

                    Minimum             Minimum             Minimum

Jan              $3,950                  $8,500                 $2,950

Feb             $4,950                  $8,500                 $2,950

Mar            $4,950                  $8,500                 $2,950

Apr             $6,500                  $12,000               $3,950

May            $7,500                 $12,000               $4,750

Jun             $8,500                  $15,000               $5,750

Jul               $7,500                  $15,000              $5,750

Aug            $7,500                  $15,000               $5,750

Sept           $8,500                  $15,000               $4,750

Oct             $7,500                  $15,000               $4,750

Nov            $6,500                  $8,500                  $3,950

Dec            $5,750                   $7,500                 $2,950

*Sunday falling on holiday weekends are

charged Friday rates



To reach the hall minimum, you may apply anything on our catering menu, including alcohol, unlimited soda, entrées, hors d’oeuvres, chocolate fondue fountain, dessert stations, late night snacks, wedding cake, and more! You may also apply the cost of any decorations on our decoration list, including centerpiece options, ornate couches, cocktail tables, chair covers, sashes, and more! Finally, you may apply to the minimum the cost of our in-house DJ, photo booth, and on-site ceremony package. All of the above-referenced amenities are included complimentary upon paying sales tax and 18% hall service charge and reaching the following minimums inclusive of food, decorations, in-house DJ, photo booth, and other services.