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My wedding day was the best day of my life despite the inadequacies of the wedding vendors involved. I want your wedding day to be the best day of your life in part because of Profile Event Center (PEC).


Creating a special experience for our clients and their guests was my goal from day one. Coming into the industry from a non-event background was an advantage. PEC was created to be what a wedding and event venue should be rather than following the path of others.

Getting married is a series of firsts. A lot of these firsts can be stressful. The first hiring of a coordinator, florist, DJ, caterer, cake vendor, decorator, etc. I want PEC to take the responsibility for all of these firsts so you can completely enjoy your first hours as a married couple.


The PEC business model seamlessly produces your most important day at an unparalleled value. Thanks to my incredible staff, my vision was realized…Beyond Ordinary, Extraordinary.


-Patrick Kellis

PEC Owner

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We have four amazing coordinators that are here to assist you the entire way! Once booked, your coordinator will help you plan all the details of your wedding, cater to your menu wishes during a food tasting, and help finalize all your planning with you! They are also on-site for your event to ensure a perfect day!

Venue Manager

"Profile was amazing to work with! From the first meeting to our last song! I would highly recommend working with Sara! She is sweet, was always respectful of our needs and wants, and was there every step of the way the day of. The atmosphere was perfect, the lighting and sound was on point, and the food and service was perfect! We received many compliments on our wedding and a lot of the thanks goes to Profile and their staff."

~The Stenglein's

What drove you to become an event coordinator? My love and passion for event planning is something that evolved as I gained experience in different sectors of the hospitality industry. Some of my experiences include: culinary classes, kitchen internships, serving, bartending, working as a Student Activities Coordinator, and being a General Manager at a restaurant. While managing the restaurant I got the opportunity to assist with growing the offsite catering side of the business. As I focused on that,  I realized that I had a true passion for events. I didn’t want to only handle the food; I wanted to run the show! I decided it was time to follow that passion and use all the experiences I had to excel as an Event Coordinator.

Favorite part of a wedding? It’s hard to pick just one favorite part of a wedding!  If I can only pick one, it would be watching their vision come to life and seeing the couple view the completed room for the first time!

What is your favorite wedding trend at the moment? I love when couples do an anniversary dance and showcase the longest married couple. Wedding are all about love and that dance is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love and ask the happy couple what their secret is!

Do you still cry at weddings? I do! I don’t think that will ever change!

How many times have you been told you are basically  J. Lo from the movie The Wedding Planner? I love the movie The Wedding Planner! I've definitely been told I’m just like J. Lo!  When people hear that I work as an event coordinator, there is always lots of discussion and questions about it! I lost count on how many times, I’ve been told that I have their dream job!












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